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SubMedia TV

Edit: screw autoplay, I’m not going to embed that shit.

I love SubMedia TV. I love the consistent and intelligent analysis being done by someone who isn’t afraid to drop objectivity (or curse).

I miss doing video activism. And it’s probably more relevant now than it was in 2003 when I was doing it, when internet distribution was a whole different world.

Music video for Victimless Crimes! And my new album is done!

First of all, after months of work, I’ve finished my first album with Nomadic War Machine, my new music project. The album is called “I have a gun. Give me all the money in the register.” You can download it for free from the previous link, or pay a little bit for fancy high quality audio files from the project’s bandcamp profile.

The above video, of a lego bank robbery, is for Victimless Crimes, the fourth track on the album. I made it with the help of my friend Raven, who provided the legos and scene design, as well as helping with the animation.