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A collection of Spanish anarchist fiction from revolutionary Spain

La Novela Libre #44 - Mujeres libres

When I was in Amsterdam I spent several days at the International Institute of Social History, which actually has a fascinating history of its own (such as smuggling documents out of Spain as fascist forces sweep through). Anyhow, the place is the world’s largest repository of anarchist history. Of particular note to me, it houses almost-complete collections of La Novela Ideal and La Novela Libre, two long-running, regular, widely distributed fiction magazines published by anarchists in Spain up into the Spanish civil war.

So I went and I photographed a lot of stuff, which I’ve put up on my Flickr. The catch is that I can’t really read enough Spanish to understand these things. So please, anyone with interest in this stuff, let me know. If the stories are good, I’d be happy to make them available in zine format. And if anyone is feeling really inspired, I’d be happy to print English translations as well.

Specifically, I’ve posted (books are in Spanish unless noted):