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Public Domain For The Win!

Today I started a new website, Public Domain For The Win, in which I will dump public domain etchings and woodcarvings and general graphic goodness as high-quality tiff files. This is one of the main resources I use personally for my graphic design and such, so I figured I would try to make it as available as possible. Right now I’m going through my collection of illustrations from a 19th century book of fables (well, the fables are older, but the illustrations are 19th century).

Butchering A Fawn On Sunday

Yesterday my friends returned to the house with a roadkill deer that they’d already skinned. Being slightly into taking gory photos, I decided to photograph some of the process of butchering the dead creature. (As an aside, the omnivores pictured are mostly freegan. The animal wasn’t hunted. Most importantly, it wasn’t raised for slaughter. Its death is a sad thing, but not one that my friends will let go to waste.) Pictured above is my friend holding the heart. It gets a lot gorier.

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No Media Kings

I’ve been buried 10 tabs deep into No Media Kings, the self-publishing resource site run by Jim Munroe, an anarchist sci-fi author from Canada who I am embarrassed to have not heard about before now. There’s tons of information on here about self-publishing and writing, from a really awesome perspective. (including a freely downloadable how-to comic book, Time Management For Anarchists). Of particular interest is a project he and others undertook in Toronto a few years back in which they wrote one-page SF dystopias about local gentrification and posted them to poles around town!

How to crochet with reused plastic bags

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a friend of mine’s mothers. One of them pulled out a bag she was crocheting, and told us with pride that she had made it from reused plastic bags… in this case, newspaper bags (at the top) and grocery bags (forming the bottom). The thing is quite sturdy and remarkably ingenious. She of course demurred and has pointed out that she’s not the first to do this. But we were super excited and she graciously let us photograph the process of making plastic yarn.

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