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My first political issue was probably gender liberation and feminism. It helped that so many of my friends in high school were women. And one of the things that immediately drew me to anarchism was that the anarchist culture had a very healthy respect for feminism, and I believe offered some critical solutions to the issue of patriarchy that hadn’t been brought up by more liberal feminist and queer rights folks.

Almost four years ago, I wrote a zine, Said The Pot to the Kettle: Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men (link goes to a page of links to pdfs). At the time, it was hard to find anarcha-feminist resources, particularly printed ones. There is and was an excellent collection online, Sally Darity on anarcha.org. And there’s Quiet Rumours: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader, but everything in that book is at least decades old. Not that our his/herstory ain’t important, mind you, but I was trying to find things more relevant to our modern culture. And I love printed things. There were a few zines, and now there are plenty more, which is a good thing.

At least from what the internets makes me think, eastern europe (and europe in general) has got a more thriving anarcha-feminist scene and culture. In Romania this year, there will be the fourth LoveKills Anarcha-Feminist Festival, this one which will be a week-long campout. The same collective regularly puts out a zine, LoveKills, and once a year they do a compilation of articles in english (link to page of pdfs) for those of us who don’t speak Romanian. I’m gonna be printing those ones out and reading them today.

A group in Germany puts out a guide to anarcha-feminist resources around the world.

Greece. Interesting Place. Especially Right Now.

As I’m certain much of the world is aware, Greece has been alive with riots these past two weeks since the police killed a teenage anarchist. It’s hard to keep up with it all, being over here in the USA, of course, but Crimethinc has come out with an excellent analysis of the uprising. One major point they propose is that, contrary to what the mainstream press has supposed, the riots are about more than just the economy, they are about the existence of the police, of the state. These protests, after all, were started with anarchist momentum.

But it’s not just the economic hardships accompanying times of recession—the resistance in Greece is also a revolt against the exploitation, alienation, and hierarchy inherent in the capitalist system, that set the stage for police to murder teenagers whether or not a significant percentage of the population is unemployed.

For a blow by blow of the action, I suggest The Center for Strategic Anarchy.