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Douchetour Will Be Headlined By Man O’ War – Power Forge Radio

Thanks to the magic of Google Alerts (yes, yes, I’m one of those people), I heard about Power Forge Radio: a podcast of folk metal and industrial, for the most part, which is pretty sweet. I wonder if they know those are two of my favorite genres of music? Anyhow, they were kind enough to include my rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” as the closer to their latest episode, which led me to their show. It comes recommended. The title of the post comes from a discussion on the show, which warms my heart because, well, I think Man O’ War are a bunch of douchebags.

Video of a Chinese Cop Blocked by a Truck

I know, I know, not the most promising title to a blogpost, but man, this is funny. It’s 7 minutes of a cop trying to pass a truck. The truck driver cuts him off, every time. When I watched it, I accidentally put on Loreena McKennit at the same time, for a particularly hyponotizing experience. Definitely worth it. And no, nothing really changes during the video, it’s safe to only watch half of. But it really is funny.


About a month ago, we learned that reality TV had hit bottom, with the announcement of Smile, You’re Under Arrest, a reality show from Fox (of course) in which people with warrants are tricked into believing it will be the best day of their lives, only to discover it is actually the worst, as they are being arrested. The man responsible, Mike Darnell, talks about how the show will only have non-violent criminals. Oh, and it’s all okay, because (from Darnell): “If it were a regular person you’d feel bad for them, but they are all wanted by the law.”

So anyway, I was full up with hate for a good minute over that. But today, the internets provides good news, perhaps even an answer. Kopbusters (website currently down, most likely flooded with traffic). This show, created by Barry Cooper, is essentially a setup to catch the police breaking the law in a drug raid. They rented a house and outfit it with surveillance, then set up grow lights and two small potted plants that looked like weed, but weren’t. Eventually, the police raided the house, even though they had no legal method of “knowing” that there could be drugs inside. Here’s some of the raw footage.

Cooper is an ex-narcotics cop who now apparently makes his living selling videos about how to avoid getting busted for drugs. He also campaigns against the drug war.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show, and I hope it runs for a long, long time. (Or that we abolish the specialization of enforcement and remove the police as an institution. That would make me happy as well.)

Day X – The Videogame

Ah, Day X. On March 20th, 2003, the city of Portland came together in a pretty amazing protest that shut down a good portion of downtown for many an hour. The idea was “no business as usual”, a general consensus of the anti-war movement at the time: if we made the system cease to work by protests and demonstrations, the government might be forced to listen to us. San Fran did the best, of course, managing rolling blockades throughout downtown for almost a week, but our 6 hours were pretty amazing.

Anyhow, my friend “Lyra234” appears to have made a video game with the title Day X: The Riot (Day X was the name that we used in our video about the protest). In this version, you are a ninja anarchist who throws molotov cocktails at cops and collects such classic video game power-ups like “shield”, “health”, and “circle bomb”. It’s fun. It has absolutely nothing to do with the protests I was just talking about. You should play it.

Sarah Palin Prank-Called

Oh dear. I thought I wouldn’t make any more election-related posts between now and election day. But, well, a group called The Masked Avengers, from Canada, prank called Sarah Palin, pretending to be the president of France. She bought it, and of course, made an ass of herself, and of course, it’s really, really funny. There’s a transcript available as well, which includes translations of some of the bits they say in French. And there’s the usual fun back and forth in the comments over at boing boing.

I Can Give You Nightmares, Part 3

The headline alone is enough, really: Military Investigates Amnesia Beams. The short of it is that scientists have finally figured out how to selectively zap certain memories out of mice, and the military is quite interested. Apparently, since the 80s, they’ve known how to erase about the last 4 seconds of a rodents memory, but this is the first time they’ve been able to get older memories deleted.

Our heads, the hard drives. The military, the ones with the software to read/write. Hurrah.

Everyone Hates “God Hates Fags”

So there’s this group that you’ve probably already heard of, the Westboro Baptist Church, who run (ooh, and even more interesting,, an interactive map that lets you find out why god hates everywhere). Basically, these people go around and picket other folk’s funerals for being gay, or even more bizarre, the funerals of dead soldiers, since the soldiers were “defending” a country that “harbors” homosexuals. Anyhow, they’re a bunch of bastards, really summing up the whole “close-minded religious lunatic” thing pretty effectively. So anyhow, a few people have shown up at their protests and made pretty clever protest signs:
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