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Photos from Slab City and East Jesus

East Jesus, Slab City

Last weekend, I went to visit my friend from Spain who is living in San Diego. I went with her and her friend to Slab City, a squatted trailer park near Niland, California. Of course I took them to Salvation Mountain, and we also got to explore East Jesus, one of the more developed places on the slabs. And it’s always fun to empower european anarchists to shoot guns for the first time.

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Photos from the Oakland General Strike

Capitalism is Over

I spoke more extensively about how I felt regarding the oakland general strike in my last post. Here are 50 photos of the day. They work backwards chronologically, from the mass demonstration that shut down the port of Oakland, to the anti-capitalist march that defaced some banks, to other marches that also shut down banks, to elements of the rally itself.

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Anti-Tar Sands demo in Vancouver

Anti-tarsands demo in Vancouver

We met in a park and marched to an export facility. No civil disobedience or direct action was planned for the event, but the organizers promised that the new tar sands extraction infrastructure would be stopped, that this march was only a friendly beginning. Speakers spoke about the horrors of the pipelines and extraction, the ignoring of tribal sovereignty, the all-too-recent pipeline spill in the neighborhood we marched in, and the like. A ten-year old sang a rather breathtaking song about the need to listen to the land.

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