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Playing a show tonight (1/25/08), Asheville, NC, Firestorm Cafe, 8pm

Wow, I’m really bad at announcing my shows on here, which is funny because it was one of the main reasons I started this blog. Oh well. I’m playing my first Asheville, North Carolina show. Tonight, at Firestorm Cafe & Books, Asheville’s own anarchist-run cafe. I’ll be sharing the stage with my friend Scugly and someone else I don’t actually know, who apparently makes music with an accordion and toy instruments.

The show is a benefit for Everglades Earth First!, our friends down in Florida who are working tirelessly to protect some of the last old growth swamp in Florida, which is being destroyed by, surprise suprise, a fossil fuels power plant. 17 EF!er’s were arrested on January 10th for contesting the fact that the public hasn’t been allowed to witness the destruction, and they’re facing fairly serious legal fees.

So yeah, come out tonight and listen to me and others play, and give money that will go to help these activists. One of the great things about Earth First!, as compared to donating to other environmental groups, is that every earth first activist is a volunteer. [exception: the staff of the Earth First! Journal is paid a very modest stipend to work full time on publishing. But that’s not where we’re raising money for anyhow.]

Opening For Dark Dark Dark Tomorrow, Dec 15, Baltimore

Finally, I give you more than 24 hours notice before I play a show. Here’s 27 hours notice. Tomorrow night, Monday Dec 15th 2008, at 3043 Frisby Street, Baltimore MD. Doors at 6pm. I’m playing a show! I’m playing with Dark Dark Dark, who are an accomplished acoustic act from Minneapolis, and Armida, a ukulele player and singer from College Park. (Watch her videos instead of listening to her recordings, in my opinion). I’m looking forward to it immensely. You should look forward to it too. In fact, you should come, and bring your friends. I might even remember to have zines and such with me to give away, too.

The Red & Black Ball!

Last night I attended the Red & Black Ball, a neo-victorian/surrealist/steampunk/anarchist bit of wonderfulness organized by the good folks of 2640. Almost everyone came in proper colors and in a wide array of finery, mostly DIY. It was hard for me, of course… black I’ve got plenty of, but red? My accordion is red, but I wasn’t playing. But what I’m getting at is that there were people of all ages and there was a seance and there was live, classical orchestral music being played by punks.

The world I want to live in has live classical music being played by punks, in case anyone was wondering. I wish that the event was a regular thing. After being into it for some years now, I finally understand why I love steampunk.

The Red & Black Ball – Neo-Victorian, Surrealist Masquerade in Baltimore

You’d think that I’d put this on, but I didn’t. It just turns out that the people at Red Emma’s in Baltimore really are just that cool. They are putting on a Winter dance, complete with live orchestral music, masks, dark magic, and of course alcohol, that ponderous potion. I’m pretty excited. It’s being held at 2640, a community/radical space in a radical Methodist church that was . $10-15 sliding scale, Saturday, December 13th 2008. 7:30-10pm.

So yeah, come. Come for the music, the dancing, the mystique. Come to support Red Emma’s, because they deserve it. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided.

If you want to be super cool, print out either the quartersheet flyer (print on letter, cut into 4), or the legal-paper sized poster and put them up / hand them out.

Playing Tonight In Baltimore! 7pm, Charm City Art Space

I know, I know, I give like no warning for these things. But I only just now got finalized details on the thing. I’m playing a show tonight in baltimore, 7pm at Charm City Art Space, 1729 Maryland Ave. (Their website is woefully out of date, by the way.) It’s a benefit for Baltimore’s branch of Rising Tide, which is grassroots radical group that confronts the social justice issues of global warming (basically, addressing that global warming will screw over the poor even sooner than it screws over everyone). Anyhow, they are great people with their hearts firmly in their work, and deserve support.

I’ll be playing with Cringe (who I can’t find anything about), Randi Williams (another acoustic musician), and the “90s ukulele cover band” Car Phone.

Last Night’s Art Auction In Baltimore

So eventually I’m going to start posting about events before they happen, even reasonably far before they happen. But last night was Red Emma’s first ever art auction, and it was a grand good time. Basically, they collected donations of art from tons of local baltimore artists and then auctioned them off, most of them as silent auction. I made like 10 pieces for them, and they all sold. And I forgot to photograph the pieces, of course.

Red Emma’s is baltimores worker-owned radical bookstore/cafe/infoshop, and it’s actually my favorite infoshop in the world. They are really passionate people, working incredibly hard in what is a rather dangerous, dirty city. There are a lot of radicals working really hard here, as a matter of fact. You have to. In baltimore, poverty and inequity are just so prevalent. But yeah, Red Emma’s is a wonderful place, and whenever I’m in town I spend almost every afternoon sitting around reading their books.

Show Tonight In Baltimore!

Okay, so this is pretty damn last minute, as in, three hours before I play, but I’ll be playing a benefit show tonight for the RNC arrestees. These are the folks who are being charged as terrorists for organizing anarchist responses to the Republican National Convention, and whether you can come tonight or not, they need your support. The show is at Checkpoint Charlie, at 2638 N. Charles St. in Baltimore, MD. I’ll be playing with my friends Iris and Ryan Harvey, so check it out if you’re in the area. Doors are at 8.

Abney Park To (possibly) Hijack A Zeppelin In Less Than A Month

I first heard that Abney Park (steampunk electronic rock band) was going to play on a zeppelin by way of their Official Page. I grew jealous. Then I discovered more details about it from Boing Boing and I was jealous of Boing Boing, for blogging about it first when I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But then I realized that being jealous is useless. So I tried to sign up as a lackey for the flight, but that didn’t happen either.

So, like you do, I began to plot to kidnap/murder one of the members of the band to replace him or her for the duration of the flight. Naturally, I figured I should chose someone who it would be easy to disguise myself as.

But then I realized… Abney Park is a band of airship pirates. They will be stealing the zeppelin and either making use of it to harass British royal air freight or turning it into a populist form of travel.

Photos from Sunday’s Show

I’m pleased as hell with these photos that came out of sunday’s show. Just as a word of warning, the show in question was at an erotic arts theatre, so like half the pictures of me have a painting of a lady wearing pasties (and not too much else) behind me. If you know me, you know that I would rather that not be the case. But at least it’s a well executed painting.

Anyhow, there are pictures from:
Libby Bulloff [my favorite of myself declares me the patron saint of gibberish].
And Daniel McManus [my favorite of myself.]
And of course, I posted twopictures of setup to my flickr.