2012 in review

Oh, 2012:

  • I put out a book on Occupy, We Are Many, along with my co-editors Kate Khatib and Mike McGuire.
  • I learned to shoot tintypes and sold dozens of people their portraits on metal.
  • 2012 was a great year for Combustion Books. Most notably, we raised 14k with a kickstarter for A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex, which I shot tintypes and wrote the introduction for.
  • My old publishing project, Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, was reborn a bit as an imprint of Combustion Books and we put out several books I’m super proud of, including These Burning Streets and Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs.
  • I put out my biggest photobook of my work yet, Being the Explorations #5.
  • I learned to make chainmail again (here’s a halter I made for my friend.) and made my first full chainmail shirt.
  • I didn’t manage to leave the country once all year, sadly, though I went to a bunch of national parks and entire states I hadn’t managed to visit previously.
  • My first professionally-published comic story came out, in the 2ombies anthology by Accent UK.
  • My band Nomadic War Machine made it onto a rad complilation out of Portland, The Sound of Resistance.
  • I toured with my interactive novel What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower.
  • I spoke and tabled at a ton of steampunk and genre conventions across the US, meeting some really amazing people in the process and deepening my love for geek culture.
  • I turned 30. I touched my toes. After something like 7 years of growing my hair, I shaved my head.

Next year, I hope to get out of the country for awhile, finish a linear novel, and get better at spanish.

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