Art show in Seattle this sunday!

The Imperial Valley

I’ll be in Seattle this weekend, showing some of my recent photo work (like above) as well as hocking tintypes. Come get your portrait taken! Or just come hang out with me and fellow host Libby Bulloff!

The show will be open 2pm till 7 or so on Sunday, September 23.

Promo text from the facebook event below:


Margaret Killjoy (SteamPunk Magazine, Mythmakers & Lawbreakers) and Libby Bulloff (The Steampunk Bible, Exoskeleton Cabaret) will be presenting a gallery show of unique portraits and adventure photography.

We will also be offering one-time-only affordable tintype portrait sessions during the art show in which we will be shooting and developing metal photos using an antique camera.

Sittings are free–successful tintypes are $50 and can be taken home 30 minutes after the sitting.

Tintype sessions are first-come, first-serve and materials are limited! Don’t miss out!

Exoskeleton Cabaret
’57 Biscayne Artist Studios, #5
110 Cherry, Seattle, WA

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