A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex! My first Kickstarter project!

Look at me trying to be clever for a camera!

So we’ve been working on A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex for months now and we’re at the point where we’re looking to find the funding to print it. So we put up a kickstarter.

This is the first time anyone will have a chance to buy the tintypes I’ve been making, what’s more.

Anyhow, I’m really excited about this project. The people writing for it are really damn smart… Professor Calamity seems to know and have access to an immense amount of information on all things 19th century, even stuff that isn’t on the internet. And Alan Moore is one of the smartest wingnuts I’ve ever spoken with, so he’s got amazing shit to say. Luna writes what she knows and does it well, and Miriam Roček has a way with words I’ve never before encountered. Hell yeah.

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