chainmail halter

detail of the neck of a chainmail halter

A couple friends of mine asked me to make them chainmail tops. I finished one of them yesterday, a loosely-woven halter.

The main part of it is a triangle of japanese 6-1 chain woven with pink anodized aluminum square-cut 5/16″ rings and white anodized aluminum 1/4″ rings. I made a large triangle, then took off one hex at the two bottom corners to attach larger aluminum rings to tie the ribbon through, then took of a larger piece of the top corner in order to attach it to the collar. The collar is a leather bondage collar we bought that I added rivets to to support the chainmail. A really simple design in the end.

Since it’s see-through, the full picture of it is sorta NSFW, so it’s after the jump.

full view of the halter.
a blurry photo of the method of attaching the ribbon.

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