That other Portland

read motherfucking books all damn day

The other Portland is actually really beautiful! (Yes, yes, I know it’s older than the one in Oregon, but having spent many years of my life living in the West Coast one, Maine has “the other Portland.”)

Any how, we walked around and I patiently listened to my friends extolling the virtues of eating the flesh of slaughtered sea creatures. And I liked this sticker so much because I was in the middle of reading REAMDE and kinda not-so-secretly just wanted to be reading. But okay seriously Portland was pretty and the weather was cold but lovely.

We also went by Occupy Maine and I met a silly counter-protester all by his lonesome who was sad that someone had burned the flag. What I really love about this guy is that he totally groks the aesthetic of bad-grammar signs on cardboard. This fellow is missing an article.

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