Crazy old photos from the trash

old phot

A few years back, my friends found a steamer trunk filled with old photos next to a trash can in Baltimore. I obsessively scanned everything in it. I only started uploading them to my flickr last night though. Lots of strange portraits!

5 thoughts on “Crazy old photos from the trash”

  1. Absolutely Wonderful! Who in their right mind would throw away something such as this? THANK GOODNESS you found these small treasures, Magpie! My mother runs our local county museum, has written numerous history books and does historical research by profession. WE LEARN FROM HISTORY! In the future, if anyone has old photos, letters, magazines, etc. that they don’t want….DON’T TRASH THEM….Donate them to your local Historical Society. Every town has one! As my mother says “Always mark the back of your photos with names, dates and places. It will make the job of future historians much easier.” So 100 years from now, when WE are the subjects of “eerie, old, strange and crazy” photos….there will be names to OUR outdated faces!

  2. In case you guys might be wondering, this is the city of Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. I currently study there :)That square is the Vrijthof and today it’s virtually the same as on that picture

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