Destruction of a community park in Santa Cruz

Community Park in Santa Cruz, the day before it is destroyed

There’s been this gross dead corner lot in Santa Cruz for the past however many years, one decorated only by mulch and drug paraphernalia. So last weekend people turned it into a small park, to the immediate joy of other folks in the neighborhood. But a new Walgreens is being constructed nearby, and apparently they’re not so happy with it, so they bulldozed it. They were going to do it yesterday, but 30-40 people showed up to protect the space, so they left it alone. At 8 this morning, they came in, fenced in the people using the park, then called the cops on them. After the people were kicked out, they brought in a bulldozer. Some people stood in front of the bulldozer for awhile, and I guess someone put mulch in the exhaust. Cops came again, drove everyone away, then a repair truck showed up and they bulldozed the park. So now, once again, the corner is a bunch of dirt. Thanks, Walgreens. Glad to know that you’re not some just faceless chainstore that doesn’t pay attention to its local community.

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