Photos from Slab City and East Jesus

East Jesus, Slab City

Last weekend, I went to visit my friend from Spain who is living in San Diego. I went with her and her friend to Slab City, a squatted trailer park near Niland, California. Of course I took them to Salvation Mountain, and we also got to explore East Jesus, one of the more developed places on the slabs. And it’s always fun to empower european anarchists to shoot guns for the first time.

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    1. Yeah, I hope that’s all it is, too. The fights a couple nights before were hardcore. He was beaten three times by the same guy (possibly over a woman), bit by a guy who is suspected of being HIV positive, and someone burned someone else’s trailer in retaliation. It’s a bit like the old wild west here.

  1. karl was drinking really bad the night he went to the hot springs, i was chilling with him during that day. when i when to take my morning bath his car was there with his clothes and shit on the hood of his car. its sad to know a person who has died due to stupid fucking decisions. people need to realize drinking and hot springs do not go together.

    anyway it was awesome having you out here at east jesus, hope you come back soon and i love the pix.

    kat bastard

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