Fifth Estate addresses anarchism and fiction

Well, the internet doesn’t seem to reflect it yet, but the latest issue of Fifth Estate (which I believe to be North America’s longest-running anarchist periodical) is centered around anarchism and fiction. I just got a copy at the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair and am excited to read it. I contributed an article as well, covering the history and present of anarchist fiction as best as I was able from my research for Mythmakers & Lawbreakers.

2 thoughts on “Fifth Estate addresses anarchism and fiction”

  1. I believe The Match has the privilege of that designation. I’ll review this for the next Hammer but did this issue leave you with any impressions?

    1. huh, according to wikipedia FE predates The Match by 4 years (1965 compared to 1969) but didn’t become anti-authoritarian until 1975, so I suppose you’re right. Haven’t finished reading the issue yet, so I can’t say too much.

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