9/11 whatever

posing in front of the 9/11 skyline

Photo is one I took against the 9/11/01 skyline of Manhattan.

Here’s a joke I learned today:
Q: What’s the difference between a dairy cow and 9/11?
A: You stop milking a dairy cow after ten years.

I don’t know, I don’t really have anything deep or interesting to say about 9/11. It sucked, what the US did in response sucked worse. The last decade was kind of like watching two people you hate fight, really, though the way that they seemed to be fighting was competing to see how many unaffiliated people they could kill. Therefore, the US won the shit out of the war.

3 thoughts on “9/11 whatever”

  1. I guess for me it was primarily a radicalizing experience, since it further drove home the point how utterly useless authority hierarchies (even those under the guise of the bourgeois “liberal state”) are.

    Basically, bourgeois democracy takes a enormous amount of propaganda and indoctrination to be self-sustaining (because, if the propaganda didn’t exist, the masses would tend to realize the system is not in their best self-interest and overthrow it). Once you have that propaganda machinery in place, it is very easy to up the propaganda a little and herd people into going along with whatever atrocity the elite desires to commit.

    As we saw.

  2. You dirty trash of a human being, and that’s a compliment. May you rot in an Afghani prison and be tortured. To think soldiers die so you have the “freedom” to write this bullshit is disgusting. Kindly die of ass cancer yesterday.

  3. Hey American Patriot, here’s a fun fact: States don’t give us rights, they are capable only of taking them away. The US government doesn’t benevolently grant me free speech: I was born with that.

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