Reading tonight, 8/24/11, in Vancouver, B.C.

I’ll be doing a reading from What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the unceded Coast Salish territories. I’m quite excited to be opening for my friend Unwoman, and the event is at the Prophouse Cafe, 1636 Venables Ave. @ Commercial Drive. Starts at 8, I believe, with Unwoman warming up, then me reading, then a dancer, then Unwoman again. The event is free!

Event link requires facebook:

2 thoughts on “Reading tonight, 8/24/11, in Vancouver, B.C.”

  1. (longtime reader, very occaisional commenter)
    If I’d known about this and also hadn’t been getting over an epic plague I totally would’ve come out. My friend sent me an invite but I barely read it due to being really sick so I completely missed your name on the list.
    Hope you had a great time.

    1. Ah, my apologies both about your bout of plague and the short notice. I had more or less no idea if Canada was going to let me in, so I didn’t have confirmation I’d be doing the reading until the night before!

      It went quite well: Unwoman is an excellent performer and event host as well.

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