Tree sitters halt mountain top removal in West Virginia

Two tree sitters have set up on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia to stop the people who are in the process of literally leveling the mountain (and filling the nearby valley with its rubble). If you want to imagine an anime-esque cartoon villain of an activity, think about Mountaintop Removal.

The group that has taken credit for the action is RAMPS: Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival. Here’s from their press release:

MARFORK, W.Va. – Two protesters associated with the RAMPS Campaign halted blasting on a portion of Alpha Natural Resources’ Bee Tree mountaintop removal mine on Coal River Mountain today by ascending two trees. Catherine-Ann MacDougal, 24, and Becks Kolins, 21, are on platforms approximately 80 feet off the ground within 300 feet of active blasting on the mine. […] The activists demand that Alpha Natural Resources stop strip mining on Coal River Mountain and that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection prohibit future strip mining in the Coal River Watershed.

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