Regicide is a human right

Eneko Gogeaskoetxea Arronategui has been arrested in the UK over a 1997 plot to kill the king of Spain, Juan Carlos.

I’m sad that he failed (though not excited about his proposed method, which could easily have harmed others) and I don’t know anything, really, about his politics. But I just want to say that anyone has the right to kill monarchs. A monarch is and always will be the symbol of tyranny and any the only ethical choice a monarch may make is to abdicate power. There are regicides that are not necessarily good ideas, strategically speaking, but there are no unwarranted ones.

For what it’s worth, my favorite regicidist was Gaetano Bresci, who took down King Umberto I in Italy. Who’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Regicide is a human right”

  1. Actually, Juan Carlos is the Spanish king. It would be pretty cool if he were arrested for regicide, though. The would-be assassin’s name is right there in the first line of the article – Eneko Gogeaskoetxea Arronategui.

    Also, why didn’t you mention he’s Basque? Maybe you can deduce something of his politics from his alleged ETA membership.

    Don’t know if it qualifies, but my favorite regicidist is Sante Caserio.

  2. Oh god, what an error. Updated.

    I recognize that he’s a Basque separatist, but I don’t know enough about that, and his relation to that movement, to really present an opinion about his politics.

  3. First, excuse my English is pathetic. I read the article and if you want to know something about my country I leave this link here.
    We are now trying to resolve the conflict through dialogue, but as always, Spanish state send us police and judges. I hope this time we’ll get lucky.
    An embrace of solidarity from this corner of the world.

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