Reading from Clock Tower at the Portland Anarchist Bookfair

I’ll be reading from What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower at the 2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair, July 23rd, 5:15pm. The bookfair is at the Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University (Portland, Oregon). Other highlights (from my point of view) of the schedule is the Hackbloc presentation on internet security and Karen Coulter presenting an introduction to ecodefense.

Combustion Books and Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness will be tabling together, and I’m also happy to see that Graceless co-conspirators Ambient Transient will be there as well.

The bookfair is free. So you should come.

One thought on “Reading from Clock Tower at the Portland Anarchist Bookfair”

  1. Aw dang, just figured out that class up in North will prevent me from seeing your reading! Break legs and I am going to try and wing over there to at least pick up a copy of your book.

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