Think Galacticon, GearCon, and the Portland Anarchist Bookfair

I’m really excited to attend and speak at Think Galacticon 3 in Chicago, July 8-10th. I’ll be doing a reading from What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower and I’ll be speaking about anarchism and fiction, the subject of my first book, Mythmakers & Lawbreakers. Think Galacticon is a radical science fiction convention. Which is just fucking awesome. I’ll post my schedule properly when I know it. I’m stoked.

Or maybe “stoked’ is a better word to describe how I feel about attending Portland’s steampunk convention, GearCon, July 22-24th. (You know, since “stoked” is sort of a pun about steampunk, cause you stoke a steam engine.) I believe I’ll be doing a reading and generally attempting to worm my way onto panels about steampunk and politics and things like that.

And that same weekend, July 23-24th, is the Portland Anarchist Bookfair, which I hope I’ll have a chance to present Clock Tower at as well, and maybe ramble about some other stuff.

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