NSK Lipsk and Wave Gotik Treffen

I’m in the United States, unfortunately, and not in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen (the largest gothic festival in the world every year). Two of my co-editors with Graceless are there now, keeping up the radical and DIY spooky culture. My photographs have been included as part of NSK Lipsk which is some crazy wingnut shit related to NSK, a utopian microstate best known through the music of Laibach that mocks authoritarianism.

And I wish I was at Die Blaue Stunde again (sorry, site is in German), a DIY goth party of radical neo-romantics and other strange folks.

One thought on “NSK Lipsk and Wave Gotik Treffen”

  1. we wish you were here too! we discovered yet another underground, unofficial event last night: ambient and industrial projects playing in a gutted, burned out factory. photos and an interview with the organizer to come…
    thought of you last night while dancing slow to the hard, raw beats of a Militia show which ended with most of the audience on stage, drum sticks in hand… full participatory experience.

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