North Carolina

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I drove down to Chapel Hill and immediately met new friends who wanted to come across the country with me. I then picked up my friend from Spain so she could speak at NC Rising 3, the anarchist conference. I didn’t photograph the conference, but it was pretty exciting. I did a reading from Clock Tower and watched a room full of 30+ anarchists try to decide if they should join a lion in killing gnomish children (someone blocked).

We left for Asheville after that, and I continued my pattern of obsessively photographing my 3-yr-old friend. He’s just so photogenic, and he loves both having his picture taken and taking pictures. A friend of mine light-painted. We also went swimming in the creek.

4 thoughts on “North Carolina”

  1. The Carolinas are beautiful. I went to grad school in South Carolina. Its an interesting place to talk politics provided you listen more than you talk. I ran into a lot of bible thumping Republicans who on closer inspection were self-reliance anarchists who hadn’t realised it yet. It helped me see past the whole false liberal-conservative dicotomy.

  2. S. Carolina looks wonderful this time of year. Have you made it down to the coastal low country, the gullah lands? Spent some time on a archeological dig of an old silk/rice plantation in Monk’s Corner. If you get down there you gotta see Mepkin Abbey, in Trappist, a very peaceful place.
    Don’t forget to try the Blenheim’s Ginger Ale, it’s the best I’ve ever had.

    1. You know, I’ve never done much more than drive through South Carolina, which is strange considering how much attention North Carolina has gotten in my recent wanderings. I’ll definitely have to give it more of a chance.

  3. I left Asheville in such a rush, and I’m excited to go back. That town carries with it a certain calm that’s very very charming. Also, it’s a little bit like the land of milk and honey for punx considering access to cheap food and college libraries.

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