The Montgomery County Historical Society and its treasures

Antique Harmonium

My sister and I are both obsessed with history. My tastes run more towards the late 19th century and/or large-scale anarchist uprisings, and hers are more towards the 1920s and 1930s and/or local history to the area we’re from. But it’s something we have in common and can bond over. She works for the Montgomery County Historical Society of Maryland and I went to go visit her and her museum. She showed me wondrous things, like this antique harmonium.

After the cut, a few shots of the house, portraits of some of the owners, an antique camera, two mandolins, and an autoharp. Oh, and apparently, back in the day, people used to make lacework out of human hair. So there’s a photo of some framed human-hair-art.

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