Greece: a call for international solidarity

Anarchists in Greece are calling for international solidarity as they go through an unprecedented nightmare. We need to show them that they’re not alone.

Solidarity has always been one of the value features of anarchists. We always count on solidarity to support our struggles and fight back the logic of isolation and retirement into private life promoted by the state power, and also the capitalist condition of individuation and dismantling of the collective notion.

Now that the Greek society and the proletariat suffer a strain with unprecedented deterioration of living conditions, now that anarchists are under such an oppression that takes dimensions of actual attempted murder, now that the anarchist political milieu is being at the sight of state violence and fascist threat, we need to see our comrades around the world to call actions and stand in solidarity to our struggle; by organizing events, demonstrations, marches, protests, by writing texts, via words and actions; anything that the comrades deem most appropriate; any expression of revolutionary solidarity that only anarchists know and want to demonstrate, will vitalize our spirit and strengthen our struggles.

For inspiration, what anarchists in Montreal managed:

On Monday, May 16th a dozen people created a disruption at the Greek consulate in downtown Montreal located at 1002 Sherbrooke West on the 26th floor. We entered the office chanting slogans of solidarity to anarchists and immigrants facing heavy repression at the hands of the Greek state and organized fascists. Furniture and plants were overturned and hundreds of fliers were scattered. One office employee attempted to detain a comrade but failed. Outside people displayed a banner stating “(A) Flics-Porcs-Assassins, Solidarité contre la reprèssion d’État en Grèce” and handed out fliers.

For the most visceral understanding of solidarity imaginable, watch this video: What solidarity looks like. The old cliche was “an injury to one is an injury to all,” and the new cliche is “solidarity is our weapon.” But like a decent number trite sayings, these two are true. Our only chance is to stand together.

Our greek friends are under attack. Therefore, we are too.

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