Back to Ithaca

Panorama of Finger Lakes National Forest

Note that the above is a rather large panorama that really ought to be viewed at least a lil bit larger.

It had been a year and a half since I’d last visited Ithaca, NY, and I had some friends what needed visiting, so I drive out that way for four or five days or something and went camping in the Finger Lakes National Forest. Now, let me tell you, they may call it a National Forest, but where we camped, we had to listen to someone mow his lawn across the street. And, at the risk of west-coast snobbery, the forest was awfully new-growth and plain. But nature is nature and it will grow up and be awesome one day if we don’t fuck it up like we always do.

There was a good lake though.

And some anti-hydrofrack graffiti in town.

2 thoughts on “Back to Ithaca”

  1. anti-hydrofrack? Would that possibly be the process where you fracture the ground to get natural gas out? If so then yeah its awful and they started looking at it over here in England where they have a test bed for it. Only down side to all this cheap gas is the contamination with groundwater of carcinogens, oh and the possibility that the gas will seep into the water and make your tap water explode.

    But hey. So long as its cheap.

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