Asheville, punx is families

Punx is family

I feel like I’ve been in Asheville forever (in a good way, I promise!) but it’s only been two weeks. This small mountain town is filled with strange people of all stripes and spots, and is home to one of the best anarchist-run cafes in the country, Firestorm.

These photos are of a punk family I’m friends with, lots of photos of their kid who is ridiculously cute (and whom I’ve been photographing about once a year now). Also some funny macro photos of ants crawling on peony buds, plus nighttime shots of the riverside district, plus the abandoned ice house.

2 thoughts on “Asheville, punx is families”

  1. i’m immensely jealous! my friend & i are stuck in louisville, trying to get to asheville, and having terrible hitching/rideshare luck. it would be good to see you. hopefully you’ll still be there by the time we make it there?

  2. Hi Margaret, it’s loki, from CFA days? These photos are amazing, I fell in love with Asheville years ago, these photos make me miss it. How are you?


    (hi emilja!)

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