Crust summer, 2002

Train across the upper midwest

These are some of the last rolls of film I ever shot… after the summer of 2002 I took a break from photography for six years. (And now I shoot digital.)

Here are a lot of photos of my explorations and friends from that first punk rock summer that changed my life so drastically. (And there are a number of photos of me with short hair.)

11 thoughts on “Crust summer, 2002”

  1. Wow. Holy shit that takes me back. RYAN HARVEY. MUGZY. ZOE. It’s too bad the last two ended up being such douchebags and kinda ruined thier lives with drugs and all. Just goes to show that while the lifestyle can be really liberating, it can also fuck you up if you let it. Also, you’ve always looked young, but you look YOUNG in those pictures! Thanks for bringing back some awesome memories!

  2. I’m always fascinated by peoples capacity for change and how they view that change. These were taken almost a decade ago. When you look at the pictures of you do you see a younger self or a different person?

    1. Yeah, a bit of both. Mostly just a younger self though. As soon as you look before this, I see a different person. I generally feel like my life started when I discovered anarchy and dropped out of school to travel. I feel like I’ve been that person ever since.

  3. Dude, you totally need to send me these as JPEGs! I love em. What a time. Zoe is still around, I talk to him on FB. He’s been taking and posting lots of real neat photos, from the road and from stills. Love that kid. Mugzy’s up in Arcata I believe.

    1. you know, I haven’t written about it too much. I really need to, before the memories slip away entirely. I’ve made a few attempts but none of them lived up to the experience, so I scrapped them.

      1. Maybe that’s something for you both to try again with. I’ve read both of your works. You have talent and they are good to read.

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