Athens, Again

street art in exarcheia

After Italy, I went back to Athens since a place for me to stay showed up. I spent my days eating vegan spanakopita and… okay, I don’t actually know what it is I spent my time doing. Clearly, the time passed. I worked a lot on What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower, my upcoming “being an adventure of your own choosing” book. Which I suppose I should post about soon, since it comes out in early summer.

The weather slowly turned beautiful and I wandered Exarcheia, sat in the self-organized park full of crust punks, drunks, hippies, and immigrants, and I generally enjoyed myself and my company immensely. I’ll miss the place, dearly.

The photos below are mostly cityscapes shot from the roof of my friend’s apartment (including two panoramas that might need to be viewed large to be truly seen) and graffiti shot in Exarcheia. Note the Marilyn Manson stencil. Both anarchist-run bars/cafes I went to in Exarcheia were playing goth music. Just saying…

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