Amsterdam, what with trees and canals and shit


Amsterdam is the foreign city I’ve lived in the longest, though mostly a good number of years ago. I still visit whenever I can. When I was first moving there, people my grandfather’s age would say “ah, going for the ladies in the picture windows, eh?” (implying the legal prostitution); people my parents’ age would sort of wink and nod, implying the legal marijuana. But what I loved about Amsterdam was the legal squatting. Which actually went away last year. Still a lovely place though.

Many of my best memories include riding my bike alongside canals in the falling snow of winter or the falling petals of spring. In fact, Amsterdam is probably the only city I really like bicycling in. Some photos of the city itself after the break:

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  1. It is pretty fun that I can tell which areas you were in (mostly) through your pictures since I went to similar places during my time in AMS.

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