Venice to Patras

Mediterranean sky

Last month (i think? I lose track of time) I took the ferry from Venice, Italy to Patras, Greece. One of the lessons I’ve learned about traveling in Italy is that, despite what the map I found randomly on the internet implies, the port in Venice is not actually right behind the train station. You have to wander around lost and worried about time for awhile before you find it. And further, don’t ask cops for directions. (The other lesson I learned, on the way to Trento, is that there is more than one train stop in Verona, and both start with “Verona Porta” so you can’t actually just remember the first two words of the stop you’re supposed to switch trains at.)

Anyhow, the ferry ride is beautiful and comes recommended and is dirt cheap (50 euro roundtrip). Don’t bother with a cabin: sleep on the floor of the lounge. These are photos from the trip, mostly of Venice as we departed. (Tourist trap it is, I can’t help but be in love with Venice aesthetically.) The first and last photos are of Albania.

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