Verona to Trento

I’m quite behind in posting the photos from my travels thus far in europe this winter. But after arriving in Italy, I took a train to Trento, the city that, according to my host, birthed the inquisition. Creepy shit. There are 35 photos in this series. The first are of the train from Verona to Trento, which goes through beautiful valleys and between beautiful mountains. There are also a number of photos of an anti-Burlusconi rally… I appreciate the sentiment, but I was disappointed to see people copying the unsuccessful language of the American anti-Bush campaigns, with graffiti like “not my president” and phrases like “not in my name.”

I also photographed anti-fascist graffiti, as always. And the church that birthed the inquisition.
More photos after the cut.

3 thoughts on “Trento”

  1. These are beautiful photos. And yeh, kind of creepy! What camera do you use? I’m looking into buying a DSLR myself, but I’m a cheapo

  2. Thanks! I shoot with a pentax k-5 and I highly recommend it for everything except video work (it has a video mode, but it doesn’t give you manual control!). It’s a bit pricey though. I was actually pretty happy with my old pentax k10d, which you could probably find for much cheaper. The reason I like pentax is that the cameras are usually a bit cheaper (except the k-5, sadly) and they’re more durable and weather resistant. I can shoot in rain, snow, cold, heat, etc. without any problems.
    But there are actually cheaper cameras now that will shoot basically-as-good images, like i’m hearing good things about these micro 3/4 cameras, they let you change lenses and everything but are smaller and cheaper. I would say that anything that lets you shoot in “raw” mode that gives you manual control of shutterspeed and f-stop is good enough to learn on.

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