Mostly Athens and the hunger strikers

some of the hunger strikers

I spent a night in Patras and then went to Athens for a bit. I have more graffiti photos that I haven’t uploaded yet (I took them with a different camera), but here are some photos, mostly of banners and materials in support of the hunger strikers. The above photo shows a few of the 300 migrant hunger strikers, who spent more than a month and a half without food, living in tents, protesting the treatment of immigrants.

4 thoughts on “Mostly Athens and the hunger strikers”

  1. great photos, and those hunger strikers have my utmost respect, but ugggghh that “for nothing, against everything” graffito pretty succinctly sums up every problem I have with contemporary anarchism. if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was satire or black propaganda. :(

    1. oh, yeah. That’s my least favorite anarchist slogan ever. It’s like someone was reading books written a hundred years ago that paint us as evil villains and then adopted that as an identity, and then somehow got some traction with other idiots and spread it around. It’s really, really frustrating. Even more so to see it in another country. Basically, that slogan represents the worst that American anarchism has to offer.

      (And yes, I’ve read the philosophical bullshit that justifies the slogan, and this just represents to me the problem of adopting philosophical ideas and making absurd oversimplifications of them and then running around telling people dumb slogans.)

      1. oh god thank you yes

        also thanks for the add, I guess that means I’ll actually have to learn to update and post worthwhile things.

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