March 10th – Show your solidarity with the 300 immigrant hunger strikers

This is a call for action in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers in greece. These immigrant hunger strikers are willing to die rather than see their families and those like them live in the conditions forced upon them by the greek state. They’re fighting for the entire working class, as well–they’re fighting against the right of governments to declare people illegal, and against the right that companies have to treat workers so terribly based on legal status.

They are asking for people across the world to show their solidarity with their cause. In particular, they’re asking people to help strike against the tourist industry of greece, something that people can do from anywhere in the world.

The call:

You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with
delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is
not the whole truth. The reality for hundreds of thousands of visitors
is completely different. There is a general threat of human rights
violations. Expatriates and visitors who cross the Greek borders can
be departed or transfered in detention centres for 2-4 months or
longer. If and when these visitors are released, they are forced to
work in agriculture, local industry, organized crime, or as street
salesmen, without documents or any civil rights whatsoever. Visitors
of Greece are warned about abuse, intolerance, hatred, slander and
indiscriminate violence by the Greek State.

Greece is exploiting approximately 500,000 illegal immigrants and
refugees to rise the nation’s miserable ecomonics. Last year, nearly
140,000 immigrants crossed the Greek borders in a hope of better life.
Most of them are going to be illegalized for years and treated as
unwelcome contemporary slaves.

Since 25th of January, 300 immigrants who work and live in Greece for
many years started a nationwide hunger strike in Athens and
Thessaloniki. They claim the legalization of all undocumented
immigrants of Greece. Their struggle is a struggle of all immigrants,
workers and citizens of the world.

The 10th of March will be the 45th day of their hunger strike, but the
Greek state has not yet responded to their rightful claims!

We call people in Greece and all around the world to carry out civil
disobedience actions on the 10th of March in solidarity with the 300
hunger strikers. We ask everyone to target their actions against Greek
soft spot-tourism. 15% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product is
coming from tourism. In fact, tourism and migration are two sides of
the legal right of freedom of movement.

We suggest an easily attainable target that you people can find almost
in every country: Greek National Tourism Organisation. You can e.g.
demonstrate, blocade, squat, spread leaflets or carry out other
creative actions in front, inside or around GNTO offices.

The addresses of the GNTO offices aboard are here:

If you don’t have a GNTO office at your city, you can target your
actions against the Greek embassies or enterprices, or simply
demonstrate in crowded public places or on media.

300 murders or legalization

More information about the hunger strike of 300:

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