A few days in Rome

lion cat on the porch

I’m definitely behind in these postings. A few weeks ago I was in Rome, visiting an American friend interning at the World Food Program (which, by the way, is not to be accidentally referred to as the “world food bank” lest one’s anti-capitalist host be frustrated at chance of being mistaken for working for the World Bank. Just in case you’re ever in that situation, now you know.)

It was a wonderful week, a great chance to get to know a friend better and hear stories of adventuring in Africa and learning some of the tips one is apparently taught when one is volunteering in volatile countries. (Pro tip: if you’ve been kidnapped, eat whatever they give you without being fussy because basically if you’re a pain in the ass they might kill you. Hunger strikes are good when you’re being held captive by first world governments, bad when you’re being held captive by third world rebels.)

We wandered around the city and looked at graffiti and aqueducts (and graffiti on aqueducts!). I also spent too much time letting her roommate’s cat play with my hair. The final photo in this series, by the way, is of her autonomist marxist roommate’s creepy stalin and lenin magnets. I think they are just kitsch? I hope they are just kitsch? Autonomists are against that shit, right?

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