The Libyan military begins to defect

This is what gives me hope in this world. From al jazeera:

Members of an army unit known as the “Thunderbolt” squad had brought wounded comrades to the hospital, he said.

The soldiers said they had defected to the cause of the protesters and had fought and defeated Gaddafi’s elite guards.

“They are now saying that they have overpowered the Praetorian Guard and that they have joined the people’s revolt,” another man at the hospital, lawyer Mohamed al-Mana, told Reuters by telephone.

One thought on “The Libyan military begins to defect”

  1. “… we will not leave Libya to the Italians or the Turks.”

    – Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

    Why would we Turks want Libya? This confuses me. If someone would let me in on what ever memo I missed please do.

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