Occupation at the Ministry of Labor

Greek radicals, in solidarity with the 300 striking hunger strikers, occupied the Ministry of Labor in downtown Athens today. It was a beautiful scene to behold: I arrived six hours into the blockade, which was still going strong. Leafleters passed out multi-lingual fliers explaining the situation while people went about their day and the ministry building remained closed.

Occupied London has a translation of the occupiers’ communique and a few more photos of the event. A rousing excerpt:

The migrant hunger strikers in struggle are at the forefront of social war. They posit their lives against the barbarism of authority, against the abjection and culture of death that the state attempts to command upon them and the entire society. They struggle for life, for freedom and dignity. For a world where death will behold no authority… For this reason, we call for all the struggling parts of society to stand in solidarity to the struggle of the 300 hunger strikers, which is taking place on everyone’s behalf. Because solidarity between the oppressed is our weapon. Because solidarity is not only support but also a clash for a society of self-management, without borders, fences, concentration camps, racism or exploitation.

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