Photos – Rosa Apatrida’s first show

Rosa Apatrida in Brooklyn, 1-8-2010

Last night I went to see Rosa Apatrida play their first show. Rosa Apatrida is a trilingual anarcho-darkwave act, and damn, they’re entertaining as hell. The two demo songs online don’t do them justice one bit. The singer is incredibly energetic and there are just so many synths on stage.

I watched it and wondered why the goth scene isn’t like this all the time. Why can’t we chant “kill fascism” in russian with the singer at every darkwave show we go to? I shot these photos to accompany Rosa Apatrida’s interview in the first issue of Graceless: A Journal Of The Radical Gothic, which has eaten all my time for a month now (and 11 prior to that, to a lesser degree) and which is almost released.

More photos:

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