2 thoughts on “Skullstep”

  1. hrmm
    I mean, the second article, the footnotes, ought to have been incorporated in the main text, if you ask me. because it’s really important, particularly that last point.

    Also, when I think of “feminist sci-fi” and utopias, I don’t think about herland (even though I like it enough to have republished it with Strangers)… I think about Ursula K Le Guin, about Marge Piercy, about the feminist 1970s sci-fi wave when women broke into the mainstream of science fiction for the first time. I think that describing problematic utopias is kind of a cheap out. Also, the racism in “herland” is anything but subtle, and yet really -is- a product of its time: the author actually identified with and was active with anti-racism.

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