Amsterdam Squatters Facing Mass Eviction

There are some english speakers in here too, don’t worry. The Netherlands just passed a law making squatting illegal for the first time in I think over two decades. Squatters are facing eviction on a massive scale.

I’m going to be posting less to birdsbeforethestorm for awhile. I’m trying not to use computers so much. But I’ll still post photos and probably bits like this, of my friends who are in trouble. I’ll be doing a bit of posting to the anarchism sub-reddit because it seems like the best source of anarchist news these days. here is what I posted about the squat ban:

firsthand account of the action:

the clearest video of the police assaulting the demonstrators:

video of the demonstration in Amsterdam. English speaker in a mask at 2:40, showing the squatting of a building a bit later, and including footage of squatters fighting back against the riot police:

the dutch indymedia article about the action with its comments (many in english)

a video of the march before it was attacked, showing how large it was:

the group that does support for arrested anarchists/squatters/antifascists in Amsterdam (read: the people worth donating to… the Amsterdam squatters are in a very tight place right now… over 200 squats in Amsterdam alone are about to evicted if the Mayor is telling the truth):

The anarchist black cross of Nijmegen, another city in The Netherlands that has had protests and arrests around the squatting ban:

photos from the nijmegen action:

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