websquatters are not squatters

I got the following email today from some piece of shit:

Hello my name is Jason Drake with Sunergy Domains.

We wanted to let you know that the domain name, steamypunk.com
is for sale.

If you are interested in obtaining this .com name please let us know
and we can send you more information.

Jason Drake
Sunergy Domains
Primary email: domains@sunergy.org
Alternate email: drakesourceone@gmail.com
ph: 707-SUNERGY

Some nerve. They know that I have “steamypunk.net” registered so they figure they might as well buy “steamypunk.com” and hold it for ransom.

I hate that these bastards are called websquatters, too. Because they’re not squatting, they are real-estate prospecting. Squatting is historically the opposite of real-estate prospecting: a web-squatter would be a hacker who took back one of these domain names for free and used it because no one else was, and it was just being used as leverage by some greedy bastard.

I did, however, respond to the email:

Fuck you.

One thought on “websquatters are not squatters”

  1. This cheesedick tried the same thing to me, lol. Maybe he should try this on really incredibly slow computer uses and not programmers, huh?

    I also responded to him… fuck you! :)

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