The Gutenberg Museum

Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany

I’ve come to realize that my photo-essays here on Birds Before The Storm don’t have much text on them, or captions or anything. I guess the essay is told in photos rather than accompanied by photos. Ah well. Suits me okay.

Regardless, I stayed a couple weeks this summer in Mainz, Germany, which is the birthplace of Gutenberg, the guy who invented the movable-type printing press. Well, several hundred years after China did. And also he did it with a friend but then they like sued each other or something and the other guy lost, so Gutenberg is famous as hell and the other guy is just some dead guy. But the museum is awesome, filled with old printing presses throughout the ages and also with a large section devoted to non-western printing as well. Unfortunately, after the first room of presses, someone noticed me taking photos and made me stop. But here’s some printing-press porn for those into such things:

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