Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #8 – Monica Richards: Death Is The Ultimate Woman

Monica Richards is an amazing singer. She’s mostly known as a singer in Faith and the Muse, but she’s put out a solo album, InfraWarrior, as well. In Leipzig, I was dancing in a small darkened room at a “we don’t think it’s technically a squat, but we’re not sure” gothic dance party, and heard Monica’s voice in a song I didn’t recognize… this lead me down the path that brought me to this song.

She also sings on the studio version of songs for The Eden House, including for the heartbreaking song To Believe In Something that I’m really fond of at the moment.

You can also find a video of her singing “Meat Is Murder” with Conflict, as if she needed more punk points.

lyrics behind the cut:

Monica Richards: Death Is The Ultimate Woman

10 steps behind and eyes to the ground
You wish to speak with me
Tell me your dreams
Then strangle me with your bare hands
That consuming confession to the ultimate woman
Hidden in the hills and caverns
Her spirit kept within herself.
Mysteries within her that blind the killer.
Ha! Here I am!

Death is the Ultimate Woman
Show your most hidden face
Sleep wretched in her embrace

10 steps behind and eyes to the ground
Walks the ultimate woman
Lead her to your tiresome awkward secret desires
The idea of Her no woman can live up to.
Ask Her to forgive you.
Then let her bury you.

10 steps behind and eyes to the ground
True Mistress of the Elite Loser executioner.
The murderer ultimately belongs to Her.

10 steps behind and sinking within
Melts the ultimate woman
Her language murky, simmered – like a mirror image in black water
A secret tongue A slur of laughter and knowing
Did you think you could simply hide her in forests?
In shallow graves?
Her body filled gloom-lit to feed the flimsy egos of men?
Treat her as flesh that could belong to a man?
Ha! Here I am!
You will die by her own Weakness
To keep you at her breast…

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