Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #25 – Militia

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Black flag in the background? Check. Collectivist rather than individual approach to making industrial music? Check. I discovered Militia from a forum discussion about anti-fascist neofolk on They’ve got an album called The Black Flag Hoisted and a book about eco-anarchism. From an interview:

In connection with your past and present albums I’ve found links to legendary Russian anarcho-theoretics Bakunin and Kropotkin. Can I ask you about your interest to Russia and Russian revolution movements? What was the general idea/concept for the release? Why is it so actual for you to talk today about the past, about revolution – today, in a time of total de-humanisation, mechanical rhythm of daily life, inner destruction of human individuality in modern megapolises? Can we talk about it?

FG: I think you’ve already made the right conclusions by reading about our works and listening to them. Indeed, we’re using MILITIA as a tool for spreading our eco-anarchic ideas about our society. They will all be explained in our forthcoming manifesto. We founded MILITIA to be a tool for the spreading of our eco-environmental views and our social ideas, which are based upon the anarchic philosophies of the Russian anarchists Bakunin and Kropotkin and the French ‘father’ of anarchism Proudhon. We combined certain elements of their social views with our own ideas regarding environmental problems, so we designed an alternative social form in which people can live in harmony with their natural environment, based upon anarchic principles. This means that we distinguish ourselves from the conventional left wing ideas – which believe in a society lead by a government – and form a strong opposition against the appearance of right wing ideas that seem to infiltrate the industrial music scene more and more.

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  1. …and they’re bloody amazing live. industrial at its finest with fully functional and necessary goggles.

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