Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #22 – Snog: Empires

I’ve just started a Tumblr for Nurr Goth Isn’t Political, though I’ll continue to post some to this site as well until the end of the month since I’ve already got them scheduled.

A friend of mine just gave me a ridiculous number of recommendations for NGIP. I told him I’d never heard Snog, and he told me that that was criminal. I now understand why.

Snog: Empires

From the cadillac soup-kitchens
To the impoverished boardrooms
This orwellian nightmare
Is now everyman’s dream

Burn the empires down

There is no heaven

As we stand in line in your efficiency drive
A voice from the checkout screams
That this orwellian nightmare
Is now an everyday scene

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