Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #19 – Bauhaus: Double Dare

Oh, how I love Bauhaus, like any good goth. But I hadn’t really known any of their songs to be political until my dear friend pointed this song out to me today for this series.

Bauhaus: Double Dare

I dare you, to be real
To touch a flickering flame
The pangs of dark delight
Don’t cower in night fright

Don’t back away just yet
From destinations set
I dare you to be proud
To dare to shout aloud
For convictions that you feel
Like sound from bells to peal
I dare you to speak of your despise
For bureaucracy, hypocracy- all liars

I dare
I dare
I dare- you- you

One thought on “Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #19 – Bauhaus: Double Dare”

  1. Also, David J of Bauhaus recorded the song Vicious Cabaret from Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, which is about as political as it gets.

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