Reportback from Toronto

CrimethInc. gives us the blow by blow account of the anti-g20 protests in Toronto from an anarchist perspective. Of particular note is the debunking of the myth that the police allowed for the trashing to happen, but rather shows evidence that we managed to overextend the security forces of the state, allowing for cracks in their armor to appear, which we then took advantage of.

Of course, burning cop cars and looting posh stores doesn’t actually present a world free of hierarchy, but it inspires the hell out of a lot of people fighting for that. And it shows that the state is not all-powerful, that it can be, from time to time at least, successfully challenged. And yeah, it points out that people are really, really fucking mad that there are closed-door meetings of world leaders in a society that pretends to be about “democracy,” the idea that people rule themselves.

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