Italian Tour Dates!

On Tuesday I’m flying off to Italy to do a small speaking tour there. There is plenty of information about the tour in Italian, but the tour dates are:

* 19 giugno – La Corte, Vicenza
* 24 giugno – Cascina Torchiera, Milano
* 25 giugno – CSA nEXt Emerson, Firenze
* 29 giugno – Perditempo, Napoli
* 3 luglio – La Torre, Roma (durante l’Hackmeeting)

I’ll be talking some about anarchist fiction (I think the talk in Milano), but I’ll mostly be speaking about the steampunk’s guide to the apocalypse!

One thought on “Italian Tour Dates!”

  1. three years studying italian has brought me, if nothing else, the following two joys:

    1- calvino tattoos on my legs
    2- getting to grin at the phrase “durante l’Hackmeeting”

    have a blast!

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