Wave Gotik Treffen

tonight was the last night of Wave Gotik Treffen. certainly, like nothing i’ve seen before. rather than holding the festival on a single fairground, they turn the entire city of leipzig into the festival. goths wander everywhere, their armbands being a free ticket for the city’s public transit. in fact, they set up an extra tram line, number 31, just to accommodate our late night habits.

easily the finest thing for me was to see Jarboe, of Swans, perform. punks sing angrily about what we’re doing to the earth, hippies sing love songs to the earth. goths sing mournful songs about what we’ve done, the seeds we’ve sewn. definitely more my style. and then William Faith, of faith and the muse, joined her on stage and they played Swans songs. imagine me swooning. only instead of swooning i was looking all surly and cool or something.

tonight i went to a rowhome owned or squatted, it’s hard to tell which, and there i witnessed the finest gothic party i could imagine, full of costumed people dancing, torches and candles, but all set in a house that is entirely diy. extravagant needs to be tempered with decay, if you ask me.

and the most frustrating thing of all is that i can’t post the stupid pictures because i shoot in RAW and need to process my images with a computer, a computer that i left in the states.

3 thoughts on “Wave Gotik Treffen”

  1. Hey Magpie,

    so sad with the pics… but pls try it… i want to see that pics… of me with the stick… Courtney with that Nazi Guy… and i guess u made many other wonderful pics…

    hope to see u next year with the accordeon… i’m still learning the lyrics and searching for chlidren for stealing;)

    best regards

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